Brass Neck // Passive Aggressive

hoppyhop20150922 (22 of 46)Brass Neck Brewery is a Staff Favourite on the map. From the chill atmosphere to the swag they have available for purchase – You can’t not love it there!

Brass Neck is located on Main street in between 5th and 6th avenue. Upon walking through the entrance, you see a wall of rad designed Growlers. They have them in every size and shape you could want. hoppyhop20150922 (25 of 46)

The front of house is where you can fill up Growlers and buy their branded tshirts and hats, while the back part of the building has a tasting room. This room is similar with other Breweries; shared tables with limited seating. Un like any other Brewery on this Map, you can’t actually see where they brew beer from the tables. Instead there are small “peep holes” around the room that if you’re as curious as me, you’ll look through only to find staff hard at work brewing delicious beers.

Sitting down, wondering what I should drink, I had an amazing Beer Sommelier introduce me to 8 beers I haven’t had the pleasure of trying.  She paired them accordingly to how I would drink them. The beers went from a light flavour, sweet under tonhoppyhop20150922 (24 of 46)es, to a dark “meal in a cup” beer. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the pairing.

If you are hungry while being there, you can choose from a variety of “beer snacks”. If you are looking for more of a meal, hoppyhop20150922 (21 of 46)usually a food truck is on the premises (located out front of Brass Neck).

I chatted with the local patrons, enjoyed my flights of beer and nibbled on a pretzel!

Have an hour (or five) to chill out? Get to Brass Neck, they treat you right!